Super yacht fenders

Inflatable. Stowable. Beautiful.

Venture Marine Ltd are proud to launch our range of inflatable Hypalon fenders which truly reflect the aesthetics of today’s Superyachts. Backed by six months of development and prototype testing, our fenders meet Guaranteed Energy Absorption figures required to protect your yacht.

Ultimate Fenders innovate with advanced construction methods and materials enabling our fenders to be truly fit for purpose. Strength requirements have not only influenced but directed the final design, so your luxury yacht benefits from a reliable tested platform which offers maximum flexibility regarding customization to compliment the aesthetics of all modern Superyachts.

Our fenders are available in over 14 colours / textile impressions which can be further enhanced with the addition of a ‘Fender Pad’ that provides a wear resistant surface.

Further options of two-tone fender body, pin-stripes, patterned fluting and custom embroidery can be added.

Our fenders’ unique ellipsoid design* has a greater surface area when compressed than standard fenders, resulting in a lower hull pressure per square inch, further protecting your yacht.

We also offer a custom design service, for true bespoke luxury for your Superyacht.

*Registered design no. 5000056